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Transport in Ulan-Ude

10/17/2018 13:55Ulan Ude Baikal Airport to commence terminal construction in 2019    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Ulan Ude Baikal Airport plans to commence the construction of a new international terminal in 2019, according to director general Evgeny Sivtsov ...
10/17/2018 13:55Ulan-Ude Baikal Airport exceed 2017 traffic result in nine months ended Sep-2018    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Ulan-Ude Baikal Airport handled (12-Oct-2018) 380,000 passengers in the nine months ended Sep-2018, exceeding the traffic result for the 12 ...
10/12/2018 05:45Yakutia SSJ100 skids off runway at Yakutsk airport    (The Siberian Times)
92 people evacuated after plane skids off runway in Yakutia - The Siberian Times
10/12/2018 05:45Passengers safe after plane overshoots runway in Siberia    (The Bobr Times)
Crash with passenger plane in Russia: footage from the scene of an emergency. Video - The Bobr Times
10/12/2018 05:45Mongol Rally: Manchester to Russia in a Fiat Panda    ( BBC News )
... Stewart Perrie shows the "mind-blowing" journey through 41 countries in the 1.2 litre engine vehicle to Ulan-Ude for the intercontinental car rally.
10/11/2018 00:10Four People Injured After Plane Rolls Off Runway in Yakutia (VIDEO)    ( Sputnik International )
A Sukhoi Superjet 100 from Yakutia airlines that was completing a Ulan-Ude-Yakutsk flight has rolled off the runway after landing. There were 91 ...
10/11/2018 00:10Plane overshoots runway in Siberia's Yakutia — aviation watchdog    ( TASS )
The plane en route from the East Siberian city of Ulan-Ude had 87 passengers and five crew members on board, none of them was injured.
10/09/2018 12:03Tales of the Ancient Silk Road: BRI revives Yuan Dynasty trade hub    ( CGTN (press release) )
... logistics artery called the “Three Ulan Corridor,” an ambitious plan to connect Ulanqab in China, Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia and Ulan-Ude, ...
09/14/2018 13:25Ulan-Ude Baikal Airport runway to be commissioned by the end of 2018    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Buryatia Republic's Head Aleksey Tsydenov said the new runway at Ulan-Ude Baikal Airport is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2018 ...
09/13/2018 22:15Ulan-Ude Baikal Airport acquires bus and fire trucks in Aug-2018    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Ulan-Ude Baikal Airport acquired (11-Sep-2018) a MAZ bus and Kamaz airfield fire truck in Aug-2018. [more - original PR - Russian] ...
09/11/2018 04:35Four Footrot Flats-themed Kiwis, Dog and their tiny car finish the Mongol Rally    ( )
Yesterday afternoon, after 23,453 kilometres, we rolled MolĂŠ up on to the Mongol Rally 2018 podium here in Ulan-Ude, Russia. And what an amazing ...
09/08/2018 16:25Mongol Rally epic almost at an end    ( Gisborne Herald )
“We're mainly on good roads from now, and invested in a super-size strop so hopefully she lasts till Ulan Ude. “Our tarp is also looking a bit tired and, ...
09/08/2018 16:25Friends have drive for adventure in 10000-mile trip    ( Monmouthshire Beacon )
THREE friends travelling in a small car called Bluey have just completed a memorable 10,000-mile trip from London via Mongolia to Ulan Ude in ...
09/03/2018 05:30China Focus: Inner Mongolia eyes opportunities through Silk Road    ( Xinhua )
A logistical channel that connects Ulanqab with Mongolia's Ulan Bator and Russia's Ulan Ude is being planned. It will be 1,160 km shorter than the ...
08/16/2018 14:55Timber trade    ( Global Times )
The train carried 1,800 cubic meters of imported lumber from Ulan-Ude, capital of the Republic of Buryatia in Russia. It is estimated that Lanzhou will ...
08/11/2018 17:55Barry team hits the road in Mongol Rally    ( Glamorgan Gem )
... be more on the trip as it progresses. The finish line opens today, August 10, in the Siberian town of Ulan-Ude, 400 miles due north of Ulaanbaatar.
07/17/2018 16:00Serious Road Trips: The Most Epic Drives on Earth    ( )
You start somewhere in the U.K. and end in the Russian city of Ulan-Ude. Expect no backup, no support and no set route, but a whole barrel-load of ...
07/11/2018 11:45Friends take on Mongol Rally in 50-year-old car    ( Clitheroe Advertiser and Times )
The Mongol Rally is an intercontinental car rally that begins in Europe and now ends in the Siberian town of Ulan Ude, Russia, after passing through ...
06/23/2018 10:40Oundle woman prepares for a Mongolian adventure in her car named Nugget    ( Northamptonshire Telegraph )
... July 15 when they will leave from an as-yet unrevealed location near Prague before finishing about ten weeks later in the city of Ulan-Ude, Siberia.
06/23/2018 10:40The party extends all the way to Siberia    ( MyAJC )
Here in Ulan-Ude, 3,500 miles and five time zones from Moscow, the night is already over. The roads, normally choked with traffic, are empty. The city ...


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